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Indie/folk musician, EVVAN, is a non-binary singer, producer, and songwriter based on Long Island, NY. Branching out through new collaborations and producing some of her own music, EVVAN continues to evolve in her musical and personal life.


“Music is our most powerful form of communication, both on a personal level and as a means to reach others,” EVVAN says. “It has the ability to dig deep and help you discover your passions, flaws, and sense of self.” 


EVVAN is open about her struggles with mental health and through her music has been able to turn her turbulent thoughts into art. In July of 2021, EVVAN shared her journey in a personal essay via Atwood Magazine. After reading her own words, EVVAN actually saw for the first time who she really was and accepted the truth of who she is as a non-binary, pansexual person.


Her personal journey is illustrated through her music. EVVAN’s writing continues to go through twists and turns, as she experiments with new ways to tell stories and coax listeners’ minds to open up to new perspectives through textured melodies, layered harmonies, and evocative lyrics. She is known for her distinctive voice and singular sound, showcased through performances at venues such as Rockwood Music Hall, The Bluebird Cafe, and Spotlight at the Paramount Theater.


On the coattails of EVVAN’s self-produced single, “Mama You Taught Me,” EVVAN is releasing a new single 

“Craving,” on June 23rd, which was produced by Dan Sadin.

EVVAN explains, "Craving came from a point of confusion and frustration over the gender binary. I want to tell those who don't experience it themselves about the real life difficulties in understanding how the world isn"t as simplistic as man and woman. The spectrum is much more expansive and not only involves gender, but gender expression and sexuality.”


With echos of Pat Benatar and Stevie Nicks, Craving is a 

nostalgic pull to the 80s pop/rock era. Through crunchy guitars and passionate expressions of "craving change," EVVAN conveys the tumultuous battle those in the LGBTQ+ community and other groups experiencing adversity continue to face.

"She may be a folk artist, but there is more to these songs than just a singer with an acoustic guitar." - American Highways

“[EVVAN is] unapologetically giving, taking strings of deep-rooted thoughts and translucent memories and tying them up into careful bows of melody and heart.” - EARMILK 

"A hauntingly beautiful piece of music reminiscent of early Fleetwood Mac with a modern touch... an enthralling listening experience." - Caesar Live N Loud



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EVVAN - I'm Not Done Yet